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MIPT invites students to join Summer Arctic School



From June 29 to July 3, Phystech.Chance and Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk, Russia, will jointly hold the Summer Arctic School. Phystech.Chance is a student organization based at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. 

To participate, it is necessary to register before April 28 and pass an interview in person on April 29. Dedicated registration forms are available for MIPT students and other students. If you cannot make it to the interview on April 29, please contact the organizers at chance@phystech.edu or in the Phystech.Chance VK community

In case you can not attend an interview personally, you'll be asked to write a motivation letter. It would be considered be the commission.

The school’s training program features lectures, seminars, an intensive practical course, and a case competition. The participants are guided by mentors and begin their training by studying cases. You can choose between four areas: 
  • Geophysics. 
  • Alternative energy. 
  • Applied mechanics 
  • Natural resource development in the Arctic.

At the closing ceremony, participants will present their projects. Also, the jury will announce the winners of the case competition entitled to priority admission to graduate programs and internships at MIPT’s centers for Autonomous Energy and Marine Geophysics, and with Gazprom Neft ShelfPort Arthur

During the school, the students can take a guided tour to the ship repair facility Zvezdochka, where nuclear submarines and ice-resistant stationary drilling platforms are serviced. Other tour options are to Severalmaz, a diamond mining company, or to the White Sea or the Northern Dvina river mouth aboard a vessel of Russia’s federal meteorology service. Some tours are only available for Russian citizens. 

The Maliye Korely open-air museum of wooden architecture will provide its recreation facilities, about 20 kilometers outside Arkhangelsk, for housing the summer school. 
The participation fee for MIPT students is 2,500 rubles (about $39), including transfer. For students of other institutions, the fee is 6,500 rubles ($102) and the travel costs are not covered.

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